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Bolloneria San Giorgio
Viteria bulloneria utensileria
in the heart of genoa for the past 50 years, with experience and passion, it supplies tools, and measurement instruments; and also offers technical support on the choice of the right material for every requirement.
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The meaning of buying-selling online contract is understood as a contract at a distance between a supplier, BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C., and a consumer. The contract organised by the supplier can only be applied with the use of distant communication technology called “internet”. All the contracts will happen directly only if the consumer will use the web site with the following address www.bulloneriasangiorgio.it, where he/she will be able to conclude the contract and buy the goods by following the procedure explained in the web site.
Consumer means the physical person or the company which buy goods and services than can be applied directly or indirectly to their business activities.
Below, are underline the selling condition which will remain the same until the supplier decide to apply changes to them. The possible variations will be effective when published on the web site www.bulloneriasangiorgio.it and only from that moment onwards.

All products prices shown in the web site www.bulloneriasangiorgio.it are offered to the public following the article 1336 c.c. and include VAT or any other possible charges; all deliveries costs are well specified inside the web site. The client will have to read carefully that specific section before confirming the purchase; for an international delivery the consumer will have to take care of all the extra costs like taxes applied by the destination country. The purchase contract can be obtained with a correct completion and the agreement through the form given on-line.

BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. will provide to deliver the goods selected and ordered by the clients through reliable courier companies. In case of the buyer absence during delivery, a notice will be left and it will be up to the buyer to rearrange a new delivery with the courier. The Seller is not liable for any delay or missed delivery caused by major accident of any nature.

The client will be able to purchase the products shown in the electronic catalogue present on the website www.bulloneriasangiorgio.it, considering also on the quantity stored in the warehouse. Whenever an order should exceed the quantity in our warehouse, the on-line service will limited the purchase based on the quantity available and will let the buyer knows whether the products will be or not be available in the immediate or later future.


BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. is not responsible for a bad service caused by major events like accidents, explosions, fires, strikes, earthquakes, flooding, vandalism, terrorist attacks or similar events which could hold back or stop the agreement in the contract. BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. is not responsible for damages, loss or costs caused by the above written events as the buyer can only claim back the amount spent for the goods. BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. is not responsible for frauds and illegal use of credit cards, cheques or any other type of payment when the purchase is processed. BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. does not have knowledge at any time of credit cards numbers as the buyer is using a protected connection which is directed to the bank only. Therefor BULLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C cannot be in a position of knowing a correct and legal payment source which is given by the client only when the goods are delivered.

BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. only trades products of high quality. The manufactures houses are usually in charged of the product warranty but the client can ask the assistance of BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. for this particular matter. To be able to do this, the client will have to ask the returned number for that specific product directly by calling BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. in any case, the regulations for the warranty will always be in accordance with what is written in the product package.

The buyer have the obligation to print and preserve these conditions once the on-line purchased is finished, although the buyer will have to agree already to these conditions as it is a compulsory step for the purchase of goods, which is in accordance with the legal articles 3 and 4 of the legislative decree No 185/1999 .

It is severely forbidden to give false details in the registration process within the purchase contract. Personal details and e-mails addresses need to be real and cannot be of a third person. It is also forbidden to double register one person or a third person. BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. has the rights to legally pursue any violation or abuse with the interest of protecting all consumers.

By filling the appropriate space in the website, the client gives the permission to BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. to uses his/hers credit cards and to charge on his/hers bank account with the total amount of the on-line purchase, in favour of BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C.. The payment procedure is under a protected connection with the bank who manages the on-line payment. BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. does not have access to this bank. Whenever the buyer should have the right to cancel as shown at point No 12 , the refund will be credited to the credit card with a deduction of 5% for the transaction charge.

Any dispute related to the application, execution, understanding or violation of the on-line contract through the website www.bulloneriasangiorgio.it will be checked by the italian law. Therefor the general condition can be reported in the legislative decree No 50 15.01.1992 and No 185 22.05.1999. The Genoa Forum will take charge on any dispute regarding the contract.

It is possible to use different way of payments:
• Payment through bank credit transfer in a bank account shown below. BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. have the right to deliver the product only when the payment has been received. To fasten the process, we recommend to instruct the bank the same day you confirm your order, and also to provide us with a fax confirming the receipt of the credit transfer.
Banca carige ag.32
abi 06175
cab 01432
• Payment through Postal money order to the following address:
Via Filippo Turati, 24r
16128 – Genova (GE)
BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. have the right to deliver the product only when the payment has been received.
• Payment through credit card VISA, MASTERCARD or other cards accepted in PayPal circuit. BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. have the right to deliver the product only when the payment has been received.

if the client may not feel satisfied with the purchase, he/she has the right to cancel the contract with no penalty and without having to give a reason.

- Within 10 working days from the date you receive the products
- From the date you finalise the contract “on-line”

The right to cancel will have to fall within the above written terms, and will have to be presented through a registered letter with warning of delivery.
The letter will have all the selling details, i.e. name, receipt number, order number, and will be sent to the following address :
Via Filippo Turati, 24r
16128 – Genova (GE)
Within the same terms, we could receive a telegram or a fax followed by the registered letter within 48 hours. The product will have to be returned inside the original boxes, well packed within 10 working days. The client will be responsible to pay all the costs concerning the product returned which will not be refund by BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. in case of loss or damage. It will be necessary to specified on the pack: “object: cancelled, order number, receipt number and sender”.
Once received the product, BULLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C will send a credit note with the full purchase amount (delivery cost excluded). Within 30 days, unless the client hasn’t decided to buy, BULLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C will refund the amount. If the purchased has been made via credit card, BULLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C will credited that amount directly on that card with 5% deduction, for the transaction cost.
Who does not have the right to cancel
The buyer does not have the right to cancel in case of purchased for his/her business activities and with receipt provided by the seller.
The right to cancel is also denied in the following cases:
- Purchase of packed product, open by the client;
- Purchase of goods or services which are liable by market taxes that cannot be controlled by the seller;
- Purchased of packed and personalised goods which cannot be returned or have the risk to perish within a short period of time;
- Purchase of goods which has been tested and been found not satisfying enough.

The personal details are handled in order to register the clients, activate the procedure for the present contract and be able to communicate. Those details will be treated electronically following the law and will only be shown as a request of a judicial nature. The personal details will only be passed on relevant department for necessary activities concerning the contract. The client have the rights (as per the article 13 L.675/1996) to request a letter or a fax, that confirm that BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. hold those personal details, to know the origins, the logic and the use of them, to obtain the upgrades, the correction and their integration. To ask for the cancellation, the transformation in case of illicit treatment. To deny their treatment for legitimate reason or to deny the use of them for receiving adverting material, business information, market research, direct sale or e-business.
BOLLONERIA S. GIORGIO S.N.C. is responsible for collecting and treating personal details.

Latest update: 07/10/2006
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